Our diverse community is what makes Jasper possible.



Building a truly inclusive platform for travelers across the globe is our greatest goal, and we’re always working to improve it.


We take our responsibility to ensure that people can use our platform without encountering prejudice or discrimination very seriously.

We’re always working to do better, and are thankful for the opportunity to listen to and learn from our community.

From scheduling and communication to welcoming riders into their cars, our drivers work hard to facilitate amazing travel experiences and human connections.

We’re here to support that hard work.

Jasper admin are fighting bias and discrimination across the entire platform, with a zero tolerance policy.

Any discriminatory behavior will result in an immediate deletion and ban from Jasper.

The communication of our community is crucial to achieve our zero tolerance policy, so if you come across discriminatory behavior, please report it.


Discrimination has no place on our platform.

We expect all users to report discrimatory behavior here.